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I have 14 Years executive leadership experience working closely with founding directors and functional leaders to identify business improvement opportunities. I have proven success navigating and influencing deep organisational structures to achieve objectives.

Whether you are a start up, SME or a large multi national, the approach is the same. I pride myself on getting to know your business, its people and its customers. Please take a look at my client testimonials page.

I offer trusted advisory and consultancy with a particular focus in the retail and hospitality Industries. If I cannot personally assist with your needs, I have an extended network of specialists who can.

I have a broad scope of experience/capability and can deliver across one or all phases of business advice:

  1. Data

    • Discovery of facts and figures about business & Industry trends.

  2. Insights

    • Insights, research and analysis relating to data on the business and or Industry.

  3. Problem Solving

    • Guidance and advice relating to a specific business issue/risk or opportunity.

  4. Strategy

    • Developing strategies for a business, specific major issue/risk or opportunity via workshops and team collaboration.

  5. Implementation

    • Ongoing guidance for the successful implementation of strategies within an organisation.




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  • Design and execution of sustainability programs including:

    • Cotton farming in Kenya - Recently awarded CSR initiative of the year @ World retail congress

    • Supply chain living wage initiatives

    • Ethical sourcing frameworks

    • Bangladesh fire & safety accord implementation and compliance

    • End to end mapping/traceability of supply chain programs

    • Led the program that saw rating with BWA Ethical fashion report go from “C-” to “A”

    • Championed the decision to disclose publicly a large multi nationals supplier lists & subsequent roll out program

    • Development of key policies: Rules to trade, sub contracting, human rights

    • Review of and roll out of banned substances, animal testing, BCI cotton, fabric testing across complex structures trading in 15 Countries

  • Lead contact for NGO’s, Government and other stakeholders with multi national manufacturing in developing countries

  • Led the global supplier conferences of a multi billion dollar retailer, attended by 250+ suppliers from 2008 to 2016

  • Designed and developed financial reporting and key metrics for SME’s

  • Led global WH+S program culminating in material reduction in work cover premiums across 9 markets

Business Strategy

  • Built business & functional strategies from the ground up inclusive of operational objectives and measurables

  • Completed market entry risk assessments for 8 Countries and subsequent new market on boarding

  • Developed financial budgets and models for SME’s & start ups inclusive of

    • Op ex & cap ex,

    • Inventory management

    • People

  • Facilitation of property/leasing strategies

  • Developed and implemented vendor/supplier agreements for both SME’s and multi national inclusive of new trade terms

Operational Risk

  • Chair of the crisis management committee for a large multi national, across 15 Countries and a workforce of 22,000

    • People threats

    • Terrorism threats

    • Cyber

    • Catastrophic natural disasters

    • Reputation matters

  • Designed and executed incident response protocols & frameworks

  • Acted as spokesperson for several realised incidents & emerging crisis

  • Facilitated crisis scenario training (war gaming) to key personnel and cross country collaboration

  • Responsible for global risk management frameworks, risk mitigation & strategy plans

  • Assessed and developed insurance policy portfolios

  • Developed business continuity & disaster recovery plans

  • Implementation of inventory integrity/assurance programs

  • Conducted enterprise wide product safety risk assessments and subsequently designed product compliance programs


CHange management

  • Facilitated organisational transformations inclusive of restructures, recruitment, re deployment of personnel

  • Acted as interim CEO/GM for SME

  • Lead the implementation of 2 x (3YR) undertakings with the ACCC

  • Project team member for the acquisition and subsequent on boarding of iconic national retail brand

  • Emergency deployment and team leader in market for HR/industrial relations matters

Ethics & Culture

  • Contributed to and executed ethical & cultural frameworks

  • Member of the ethical decision making committee for a multi billion dollar retailer

  • Participant of the only Australian company accepted to workshop with author & business builder - Jim Collins (Good to Great)

  • Facilitated the global implementation/training of an ethical framework inclusive of company values across 15 Countries and a workforce of 22,000.

  • Held ethical training/dilemma scenarios for artist functions & markets

  • Conducted workshops on developing company purpose, vision & values

Governance & Oversight

  • Lead global corporate investigative function overseeing such matters as:

    • Material fraud

    • Bribery & Corruption

    • Misappropriation

    • Harassement

  • Member of Internal Audit committee of a large multi national

  • Design & reviews of several Internal control frameworks with particular focus on financial/Op ex risk

  • Designed and implemented Governance & Risk framework for a large NGO working in third world and developing countries

  • Risk & Governance lead advising directly to a global NGO board

  • GM of Risk & Sustainability covering functions such as:

    • Corporate Investigations

    • Operational Risk

    • Ethical Sourcing

    • Internal Audit

    • WH+S

    • Product Compliance/mandatory standards

    • Inventory integrity/loss prevention


A Ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for
— William G.T. Shedd


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